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Computer Interface Software Packages
For use with the 2K2, P5, P8, PB9 and PB11 BigSoundTM systems.
Package Version Date Download
Full Installation 12 01 June 2013
Upgrade: Program only, no ROM files. 1.2.101 01 June 2013
Upgrade: ROM Files only. R10x 14 May 2015
 USB Device Drivers
Pre-Installation Executeable 2.12.24 11 April 2017
Standard zip archive 2.12.24 11 April 2017
 Revision History
Release Notes 12.1 24 June 2014
 Configuration Files
CVP Recommended P8 Configuration for USA Diesel Drop In R8 25 January 2011
P14 Recommended Configuration R10 14 May 2015
Latest BigSoundTM ROM files
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Name Description Version Download Listen
ALCO American Locomotive Company Diesel R10
DASH 8 GE Dash 8 Diesel R10
DASH 9 GE Dash 9 Diesel R10
E8 EMD E8 Diesel, dual engine start-up/shut-down R10
F3 EMD F series, single chime R10
F7 EMD F series, multi-chime R10
GENESIS GE Amtrak Genesis, any phase R10
GP7 EMD GP7/9 with Hancock Horn R10
GP9 EMD GP7/9 Diesel, multi-chime R10a
GP30 EMD GP30 Turbocharged Diesel R10
GP38 EMD GP38 Diesel, Roots Blower R10a
GP40 EMD GP40 Diesel R10a
HH660 Alco HH660 R10
NW2 EMD NW2, single chime R10d
PA Alco PA (244 Prime Mover) R10
PLYM Plymouth Switcher Diesel Switcher R10
RS3 Alco RS3 (244 Prime Mover) R10 Soon!
RSD Alco RSD (251-C Prime Mover) R10a
SD40 EMD SD40 (645E3 Prime Mover) R10
SD45 EMD SD45 Diesel R10
SD70 EMD SD70MAC (710 Prime Mover) R10a
U25B GE U25B, 'uboat' class diesel R10
45TWhicomb Whitcomb 45 Ton Swithcer R10 Soon
ABe44 European Electric R10c
CLASS 66 British Rail Class 66 (EMD 710 Prime Mover) R10
CROC RhB Ge 6/6 Crocodile R10c
DB218 DB/BR Class 218 R10 Soon!
DBTEE DB Class VT 11.5, TEE (Trans Europe Express) R10 Soon!
ERBUS European Railbus R10 Soon
ERACK Electric Rack Locomotive R10
EURO European Steam R10
GEI German E44 R10c
GEII Ge4/4 II -- Swiss MOB R10c
GEIII Maienfeld 641 R10c
G45 RhB G4/5 Steam R10
HARZ Harz (HSB) German Railway R10
SRACK Swiss Rack R10
BCE Box Cab Elecric R10c
CABLE San Francisco Cable Car R10
CITY Urban Streetcar R10c
DESIRE New Orleans Streetcar R10c
DOODLE Doodlebug Gas/Electric Interurban R10
GG1 PRR GG1 Electric R10c
GOOSE RGS Gallopin' Goose R10
RDC Rail Diesel Car R10
RTRY Rotary Snow Plow R10
SFX Special Effects R10
SPEEDR Speeder R10
TROL Trolley R10c
1361 Pennsy K4 (Pacific) #1361 R10
440 4-4-0 'American' R10
ACS1 American Classic Steam 1 R10
ACS2 American Classic Steam 2 R10
BIGBOY Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy R10
CabF Southern Pacific 4-8-8-2 Cab Forward R10
C16 Consolidation R10
C21 Consolidation R10
DAYH Daylight R10
Dock 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher R10
DRGW Denver & Rio Grande Western R10
EBT East Broad Top R10
FRIS Frisco #1522 R10
GTW Grand Trunk Western (Canadian National) R10
HDSON 4-6-4 J1e Hudson R10
HUD49 4-6-4 J1e Hudson with Southern Pacific Daylight Horn R10
K463 K-27 #463 R10
K473 K-28 #473 R10
K480 K-36 #480 R10
K487 K-36 #487 R10
MALLET 2-8-8-2 Mallet R10
MIKADO 2-8-2 Mikado R10
MOGUL Older 2-6-0 Mogul (Bachmann) R10
NORTH 4-8-4 Northern class R10
PORT Porter R10
PRR Pennsylvania Railroad R10
RGS Rio Grande Southern R10
SPAC Southern Pacific #1218 R10
SRRL Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Forney R10
UINT Uintah R10
V&T Virginia & Truckee INYO #22 R10
CLMX Climax R10
GYPSY Gypsy R10
HEIS Heisler R10
PSHAY Shay, 38 Ton R10
SHAY Shay, 36 Ton R10
3SHAY Shay, 3 Truck 55 Ton R10
WEST Westside Shay R10

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