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Push to hear BCE Box Cab Electric Electric traction engine. Multi chime horn. Good for all box-cab electric locomotives and other electric locomotives such as the GG1.
Push to hear City City Streetcar Pole noise and city sounds with an authentic horn The Chicago Streetcar. Also suitable for other trolley and electric streetcar applications
Push to hear Desire New Orleans Streetcar Pole noise and circkets with an authentic horn The New Orleans Percey Thomas Streetcar, Desire. Also suitable for other trolley and electric streetcar applications
Push to hear Doodle Gas/Electric Interurban Prototypical Gas/Electric motor of interurban transit for the era. Self-propelled Interurban used on many railroads from the 1920's through the 1950's.
Push to hear GG1 GG1 Electric traction engine. Multi chime horn. The GG1, most known for use on the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Push to hear TROL Electric streetcar or trolley Unique ring of bell and hollow street-use horn. All electric streetcars and trolleys. Perfect for LGB and Bachmann trolleys. Prototypical of Pacific Electric
Push to hear GOOSE Galloping Goose Railcar with truck engine. Prototypical or ahh-oooga horn available. Berlyn work goose or Any of the Accucraft RGS Galloping Geese. Aristocraft/Delton REA Railbus. Ooga Horn suits the Bachmann Rail Truck.
Push to hear RDC Rail Diesel Car Dual Diesel The Budd Dual-Diesel Rail car revolutionized short haul passenger service post WWII.
Push to hear Speedr Work Speeder A truck engine with the distinctive ooga horn Rail work truck with a unique horn and a livestock surprise!
White Pass and Yukon Rotary Snow Plow RTRY Rotary Snowplow Steam hiss and whistle with rotary grind. USA Trains rotary snowplow. Good for Denver & Rio Grande Western, White Pass & Yukon and all lines that employ rotary snowplows.
Push to hear special effects SFX Ambient rail sounds Click, clack and squeal of wheels against rail. Hiss and brake sounds. Mount in mid-train car or caboose to capture effect of a passing train.

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