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Push for ABe4/4 ABe44 ABe4/4 European Electric Perfect match for this popular European locomotive.
Class 66 CLASS66 British Rail Class 66, Series 66 elsewhere Powered by the EMD 710 with two tone EWS horns. Perfect for Class 66 or other modern European diesel
Croc CROC Ge 6/6 Legendary electric, articulated Crocodile of the RhB Railway Perfect for LGB Ge 6/6 loco
Push for the Electric rack ERACK Electric Rack Prototypical European electric locomotive with the sound of the cog wheel mechanism to assist in ascending steep grades. LGB Electric Rack Locomotive or any other electric rack engine.
Push for classic European steam EURO European Classic European steam chuff. Monochromatic single chime British whistle. Mechanical bell. Perfect for LGB British and German steam locomotives or any European steam engine.
Harz German railway HARZ Harz German Harz 1 meter gauge steam engine. Melodic whistle. Mechanical bell. Recorded from Harz German Railway. Perfect for LGB/Aster Harz engine or similar European steam locomotives.
Click to hear this sound GE44I Ge 4/4 I German Electric Locomotive German E44 electric locomotives or any European electric engine.
Click to hear this sound GE44II Ge 4/4 II Swiss electric locomotive with distinctive European whistle. Ge 4/4 II electric locomotives or any European electric engine.
Push to hear G45 G 4/5 Swiss RhB G 4/5 steam locomotive. Swiss G 4/5 steam or other RhB steam locomotive like the LGB Heidi.
Push to hear SRACK Swiss rack steam locomotive Prototypical sound for a Swiss Rack steam engine, including cog wheel mechanism. LGB Swiss Rack Locomotive or any European steam locomotive with a similar whistle.

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